Augmented reality

An innovative technology of augmented reality adds virtual information onto the real
world allowing customers to see virtual objects while looking at real things it is one of
the most powerful modern sales tool.

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality headset enables your clients to dive into a beautiful world of virtual reality. They can walk, look around and explore all details of the property. It is a real-time simulation made specifically for VR Headset.

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Touch screen table

Innovative technologies are an inherent part of modern sales. 75% of sales are
followed by emotions. Modern companies which are implement innovative solutions are always one step ahead of competition.

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Virtual 3D tour

Interactive 360 degree spherical panoramic images to highlight various features of
your business such as property exterior, interior, panorama view and other selling points of interest. Such 3D tour enables your audience to be immersed in a 360 degree visual environment where they can discover internal and external view of the object and get visual information about its design architectural features specification etc.

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Mobile application

Development of unique mobile applications based on an interactive model
of your website. With a mobile application your existing customers can
access your business anywhere and at any time in a user friendly environment.
Regular use of mobile application will reinforce your brand or business.
The application will be adapted to smartphones and tablets,
and is available for Android/IOS.

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Video 3D presentation

Development of 3D promotional video filled with emotions and creativity. Such video
arouses strong curiosity and interest, and affect purchasing decision. 3D video developed specifically for project presentations and advertisement.

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